steps to becoming a detroit wing co franchisee


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Take the first step and fill out an inquiry form.



let’s chat

If you meet the initial requirements, a Franchise Development Representative will contact you to start an initial conversation.



Fill out our application to help us evaluate your qualifications and financial statements. Then we’ll schedule a call to get to know you better. You may be asked to go through a background check.



Now it’s time to learn more about us. Receive our FDD and learn about our team, system, core values and mission.


the sauce

After we receive your signed receipt of the FDD, we will arrange a call to review it together. You are encouraged to connect with our franchisees. You may be asked to create and share your business plan with us.


meet gus

If you meet all of our requirements and feel that Detroit Wing Co. is the right fit. We’ll schedule a meeting with Gus Malliaras, the founder himself.



If approved, our Franchise Development Representative will reach out to share the news and will send you a list of documents needed to complete your franchise agreement.


signing day

Congratulations! Receive your Franchise Agreement and schedule your signing day after 7 days.

I’m interested in learning more, how do I get started?
It's simple! Fill out the inquiry form to get started. A member from our team will reach out to you shortly to answer questions and talk about next steps.
How much does it cost to open a Detroit Wing Co.?
A new DWC costs between $339,839 - $572,339 For more information please see item 7 of our FDD.
What are my options for financing a Detroit Wing Co.?
There are many different routes to finance a new business, including without limitation, Small Business Association (SBA) loans. Detroit Wing Company is an SBA approved franchise system.
What kind of training does Detroit Wing Co. offer?
Our 80-hour training program consists of 8 classroom hours and 72 hours of on-the-job training. We will teach you our kitchen operations, menu preparation, front of the house operations, back of the house operations, customer service, POS/computer training, scheduling, administrative tasks such as opening procedures, closing procedures, sanitation and cleaning, and so much more.
What are the royalty & marketing fund fees?
We have a 6% royalty fee and a 2% marketing fund fee. Our current FDD will provide more details and we would be happy to discuss the details with you!
How long does it take to open a new location?
The award process could take 2- 6 months or longer. Under the franchise agreement, your store must open within 9 months of signing the agreement.
What is the ideal Detroit Wing Co. location?
The ideal location is based on specific demographics and psychographics that fit our target market.
Who will design and build my unit(s)?
We have approved suppliers that will help you design and build your restaurant(s).
When do I start looking for a site? Does someone help me?
The real estate process doesn't start until after your been awarded a franchise and sign your franchise agreement. We will then introduce you to our approved real estate vender to help guide you through the process.
How much money will I make? What are the stores AUVs?
Item 19 of our Franchise Disclosure Document may provide information regarding financial performance of our franchisees. You can also try to obtain this information from our current and former franchisees. You can find their names and contact information in Exhibits N and O of your Franchise Disclosure Document.
What is an FDD?
A Franchise Disclosure Document, also known as an FDD, is a document that a franchisor must disclose to a prospective franchisee before a franchise may be offered or sold. The FDD contains 23 items that, under the franchise laws, require a franchisor to disclose information about the franchisor, the franchise opportunity being sold, fees charged by the franchisor, the legal relationship between the franchisor and franchisee, and other information about the franchise offering.
Should I have an attorney review the FDD?
We strongly suggest you have an attorney review any documents with you including the FDD.
What is Item 23 and why do I need to sign it?
This is a one-page document a prospective franchisee signs to acknowledge the Franchise Disclosure Document was received. Signing the receipt page does not obligate you to purchase a franchise nor does it obligate us to sell you a franchise.
What is the $30,000 franchise fee for?
The cost of your application, training, and general costs incurred by the franchisor's corporate team in getting you all set up.
Will I have my own territory?
As disclosed in Item 12 of our Franchise Disclosure Document, if you are awarded a franchise and sign a franchise agreement with us, you will be granted the right to operate a Detroit Wing Company Restaurant within a certain Designated Area determined by us. The Designated Area will typically range from a minimum area of zero (limited to your Restaurant property) to a maximum area of 5 miles. In certain instances, such as the existence of physical boundaries like rivers, multi-landed highways, and the like, the size of the Designated Area will not exceed 1 mile. We may negotiate with you on the size of the Designated Area based on various factors such as population and development density, demographics, traffic patterns, existing locations and viability of those locations, competition, proximity to shopping centers, and market feasibility.







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