What DWC Looks for in a Great Team Member

Detroit Wing Company opening in Eastpointe, Michigan in 2015 with one mission: to provide our customers with the highest quality wings and sauces available anywhere. We recently opened our 20th store with several more on their way to their grand opening, launched our DWC Roadside food truck, and are expanding not just across the state, but nationally.

As DWC grows and expands, we are continuously looking for new team members that add to the DWC experience and can grow and learn with us! Are you a good fit for the DWC family? Here are three key traits we look for!


1. Commitment to the Service & Quality

Here at DWC, we are first and foremost committed to freshness and quality and our staff upholding that commitment is of the utmost importance. DWC is centered around our passion for the food we serve, and we deeply respect the restaurant business as it should be. We’re proud to be the only wing joint in the area offering a menu that is made entirely from scratch, and we want our staff to be proud of that too!

We want our customers to not just receive a quality product, but quality service as well. Picking up your lunch or having dinner with friends or family can make or break your day, and we’re always trying to ensure that the service from our staff is the best it can be.


2. Willingness to Learn & Grow

Just like any small, locally owned, and operated business, DWC offers room to learn and grow with our business. Whether you are looking to move up the ladder with DWC (and even start your own franchise!) or learn new skills or hone existing ones to take with you on your professional journey, our leadership at DWC encourages growth and development on every step of your path. At DWC, employees work closely with in-house owner/operators to complete daily tasks, tackle challenges, and learn new skills. This collaboration isn’t something you get at every restaurant, so we are always looking for individuals who want to embrace that opportunity and take themselves to the next level.


3. A Team-Centric Attitude

You don’t have to have industry experience to know that working in a restaurant can sometimes be hectic! An important pillar of the DWC team dynamic is, of course, teamwork! We look for that collaborative attitude in our future employees to add to existing teams and to ensure our customers receive the highest quality product and service. A restaurant is like a machine where all pieces have to be working in tandem for success, so the ability to collaborate and learn from teammates is an important quality we look for when adding to our staff.

As DWC grows and expands, we are continuously looking for new team members that add to the DWC experience and can grow and learn with us! If you’re a team player with a passion for service, quality, and your professional success, DWC is the place for you.