5 Benefits of Working for A Local Small Business-Like Detroit Wing Company

While there is recognizability in working for a large company, there are a multitude of advantages of working for a small business.

Detroit Wing Company, based in Eastpointe, Michigan, opened in 2015 with a mission to provide customers with the highest quality wings and sauces available.

Although DWC has now expanded across Michigan and to Ohio and has been named “Best Wings in Michigan” by national media outlets, we are still a small (and expanding) locally-based business.

Here are five benefits of working for a small, local business like DWC.


1. More Visibility

Working in a small business creates a less-specialized, collaborative environment. This gives employees an opportunity to interact directly with leadership on a regular basis and, in turn, leadership has more visibility of daily operations and achievements.


2. A Variety of Experience

A small business environment creates more opportunities for collaboration and movement between roles in daily operations. Because you’re wearing many hats, you’re more likely to gain knowledge and insight beyond your assigned role. Gaining these additional skills broadens your expertise for the role while simultaneously enhancing your resume for when you are ready to make your next career move.


3. Opportunity to Advance

Employees have high visibility in a small business setting with more opportunities to coordinate with other departments as well as leadership. This means that creative ideas and hard work will directly be seen by managers and executive leadership.

As small businesses grow and opportunities for advancement appear, employees are given more opportunities to receive internal promotions or move among departments. DWC is rapidly expanding and providing employees the opportunity to advance to leadership positions as the business grows while providing the same level of support to employees.


4. Flexibility

While some corporate environments are known for their substantial flexibility in the workplace and scheduling, small businesses much more often provide those benefits within a tight-knit, collaborative team setting.

There isn’t as much bureaucracy in a small business, allowing for ideas and growth to flourish in a safe, cooperative space for employees. Building those relationships between employees and leadership creates an environment that is team-focused and willing to adjust operations in the name of employee satisfaction.


5. Workplace Culture

This close-knit dynamic lends itself to creating a healthy working environment for employees and leadership alike. Large organizations tend to lose this closeness among team members, but a small business like DWC keeps a positive workplace culture a priority.

For example, at DWC you work directly with an Owner-Operator who is present in the restaurant and will partner directly with team members in daily operations. DWC leadership takes pride in never considering staff as “just a number,” but rather a fundamental piece of a team dynamic that doesn’t function without the trust and enthusiasm of its members.

DWC is rapidly expanding and continuously looking for new team members committed to giving guests a great experience and serving as integral members of the team. Even as new locations open, now on a national scale, DWC leaders don’t forget their roots as a local small business and are committed to maintaining that experience for their teams.

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