3 Ways DWC Puts Their Employees First

We are on a mission to provide customers with the highest quality wings and sauces available anywhere. That commitment is not only reserved to our customers, but it extends to our employees as well.

Here at DWC, we are committed to providing a welcoming, rewarding experience to all staff, ensuring proper compensation, and allowing opportunities for advancement. Here are three ways we put our employees first.


1. Compensation and Employment Benefits

We offer a multitude of employment benefits to all staff, including flexible scheduling, leadership opportunities, discounts, and free meals. Working for a locally owned small business means that employees develop a close relationship to staff and leadership, opening opportunities to move among departments, receive promotions, and work in a more flexible environment.

We also provide excellent compensation with the average DWC team member hourly pay at approximately $14.67, which is 22% above the national average. With the cost of living on an ongoing rise, we understand the importance of providing an elevated compensation in comparison to competitors in the space. DWC leadership values the support of its team members with fair compensation and a close-knit team dynamic.


2. Ongoing COVID-19 Health Policies

While many federally mandated health rules and regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic have been lifted and many restaurants have returned to normal operations, we are continuously committed to individually making the health of our staff and customers a top priority as new cases are being continuously reported.

DWC operates as usual but encourages customers with a front-and-center note to call orders in or place them online, effectively limiting contact between customers and staff. The health and safety of both staff and customers is always a priority for our team, and our effort to eliminate crowding supports the commitment to public health and the wellbeing of staff.


3. Workplace Culture and Advancement

When you join DWC, you work directly with an Owner-Operator who is present in the restaurant and will partner directly with team members – a concept that will not be lost upon expansion. DWC leadership takes pride in never considering staff as “just a number,” but rather a fundamental piece of a team dynamic that doesn’t function without the trust and passion of its members.

Working in a small, locally owned and operated business allows continuous opportunities to learn new skills, try new roles and responsibilities, and advance to leadership opportunities and here at DWC, we encourage it. As DWC grows not just in the state of Michigan but on a national scale, we are committed to always providing a hands-on approach to staff operations and development.

DWC is not your typical wing joint just because of the dedication to the freshest and highest quality product, but to the commitment to their staff. Employees are an integral piece of the DWC family and we continuously strive to uphold that sentiment.

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