3 ways to build a sustainable career as a DWC team member

At Detroit Wing Co., building a sustainable and long-term career is achievable. We are growing rapidly and opportunities for advancement are plentiful. From front-line customer service to store management to franchise ownership, there are many ways to build a career at DWC and be a part of our family-focused and supportive work environment.

Being a part of the DWC community means being responsible for a few different responsibilities. First, our dedication to quality – across our ingredients, food, and customer experience – means the best DWC team members are focused on upholding the highest standards. Second, our steadfast dedication to operating our business and restaurants as it should be means we are always focused on providing a great work environment to our team members, because happy team members translate to happy customers!

All DWC employees bring something unique to the table and we understand that in order to bring the best out of our team members, we need to foster a culture of inclusivity, excellence, and service. There are many ways to build a sustainable career with us at Detroit Wing Co., here are just three ways to get started:


Foster a dedication to quality

Since our founding our mission has been the same, to provide our customers with the highest quality wings and sauces available everywhere. Whether its catering or wings for a graduation party, the best Detroit Wing Co. team members are invested in our mission to provide the highest quality experience to our customers. In an industry that has embraced quick, low-quality, ready-to-serve, and unnatural food, our commitment to provide the best natural chicken wings and homemade sauces alongside the best customer experience is what makes DWC different.


We invest in your professional development

We know that the most talented individuals are attracted to the best companies and at DWC we strive to be the best place to work in our industry. Whether our customers are searching on Google for the ‘best wings near me’ or our corporate customers are looking for the ‘best catering near me’, we strive to be the best place for our team members to work so that we can all serve our customers to the best of our abilities. We invest in the professional development of our team members so that regardless of where you start with DWC, there is a path to greater responsibility within our company.


We offer mentorship and guidance

Mentorship is crucial as you progress in your career as having someone who is invested in your professional success and wants to see you succeed can really be a boost to your career trajectory. At DWC, we provide guidance and mentorship so that no matter where you want your career to go within the organization, you have the right support to achieve your biggest goals. Providing our customers with the best quality wings near them is our mission, and we can only achieve that mission with the best team members all rowing in the same direction.

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