Why You Should Have DWC Cater Your Next Cookout

The summer months are finally here, bringing with it the heat, sunshine, days at the beach, and of course, cookouts with your friends and family! Nothing says summertime quite like good food, bright sunshine, and being surrounded by your favorite people – and with award-winning wings and sides, Detroit Wing Company has you covered on the good food. Whether you’re having just a few friends over for a get-together or sharing your backyard with the whole family, DWC will make sure your guests head home full and happy.


Only The Best & Freshest

Opened in 2015, DWC began with one mission: to provide our customers with the highest quality wings and sauces available – anywhere. Our business is centered around our passion for the food we serve and the community we serve it to. All of our wing sauces and sides are homemade in-house with only the best and freshest ingredients. Our sauces are all-natural and free of preservatives, MSG, and artificial flavorings. In an industry that embraces bottled sauces and ready-to-serve foods, we uphold a steadfast dedication to our customers and delivering the best food possible.


Options for the Whole Family

What really sets DWC apart is our comprehensive menu. We aren’t just a wing spot; we have options for the whole family. From the biggest wing lovers to the pickiest eaters, we have an option for everyone. With cheesy sides, like DWC Mac N’ Cheese, new takes on classic fries, like our DWC Fries, and homemade DWC Coleslaw and DWC Dill Potato Salad to take the edge off the heat (and many more options!), none of your guests will go home hungry.


20 Signature Sauces to Choose From

Ranging in spice levels and unique flavors, DWC has 20 signature sauces to choose from. Whether you’re on a mission to try the spiciest sauce we have to offer (hint: it’s DWC Calypso Heat!), taking a classic approach with our barbeque and buffalo sauces, or enhancing our high-quality wings with a signature dry rub, the opportunities are endless! Our sauces are homemade in-house with only the best and freshest ingredients. When you order from DWC, you know you’re receiving the best quality. For wings near White Lake, wings near Livonia, or wings near Brighton, keep DWC top of mind!


Options for Both Small & Large Groups

Whether you’re ordering for just a few people or a large group, DWC has multiple avenues to make sure your guests are fed without breaking the bank. DWC offers catering for as few as 15 guests and as many as 100 with a broad number of options. With wings, cold side pans with DWC Dill Potato Salad and DWC Coleslaw, DWC Mac N’ Cheese pans, and DWC Cornbread, there is an option for every guest. For even smaller groups, our wings and sides are perfectly shareable (or not if you don’t want to share your favorite wings, we don’t judge). Regardless of group size, your local DWC has many options to make sure food is something you don’t have to worry about! If you’re looking for catering near White Lake or chicken wings near Roseville, be sure to reach out to our locations in the area.


20 Locations & Roadside Food Truck

Regardless of where you are located, chances are there is a DWC in your area! DWC has recently opened our 20th location in Michigan and launched our DWC Roadside food truck, currently located in Tampa, Florida. Whether you’re hosting at your home or at another location, you won’t have to worry about where and when you’ll pick up your food to keep it at the highest quality for your guests.

Here at DWC, we know how exciting it is when the winter cold finally thaws and the summer heat arrives, bringing everyone outside to enjoy it. Nothing makes a cookout like great food, and an order from DWC will make sure your guests don’t leave hungry and that what you’ll serve isn’t a worry on the day of your cookout!

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