Top 5 DWC Dates to Have with Your Partner

Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or are dating someone new, nothing beats a date night (or date day!). You can go all-out or keep it simple, but what can really make or break a date night is the food. Detroit Wing Company has a lunch or dinner option for anything you have planned with your partner, both in-store and takeout. With wings and sides to split and even dessert options, DWC is a great way to bring your date night to the next level! Whether you’re looking for chicken wings near Woodhaven, chicken wings near Troy, or wings near Roseville, DWC is ready to make sure you and your partner don’t go home hungry.


Movie Night

Movie nights are possibly one of the most popular ideas for a date. Whether you’re heading out to the theater or staying in for a movie or marathon, DWC wings and sides can make sure you’re focused on your movie rather than how hungry you are. With 20 locations, there certainly is a DWC location by your favorite theater to visit beforehand or a location close to home so your order stays hot by the time you make it home and start your show.


Have a Picnic

There’s no better way to enjoy the summer sunshine than with a picnic. You bring the picnic blanket and DWC has you covered on a top-tier lunch or dinner. Even if you’re just planning a quick lunch or snack in the park, DWC’s fries – like DWC Fries, DWC Poutine, or DWC Cheese Fries – or a cool snack like DWC Homemade Coleslaw or DWC Dill Potato Salad, makes the perfect shareable snack or light lunch to enjoy the outdoors and, of course, spend time with your partner!


Music in the Park

Many towns and cities host Music In The Park events throughout the summer and an order from DWC can make sure you and your partner are well-fed and able to enjoy the fun! A DWC order makes a great start to your evening if you’re looking to sit-in or have a fun picnic for the park. Whether you’re splitting an order of wings or a couple of sides (or both!), DWC will make sure that you and your partner get to enjoy the night and not worry about where you’ll get your meal from. If you’re checking out local parks and in need of chicken wings near Ann Arbor, give DWC a visit!


Beach or Pool Day

What’s better than a pool or beach day? A pool or beach day with a DWC order, of course. Whether you’re bringing some wings to share back to the beach, stopping into your local DWC after a day at the pool, or splitting a cool snack like DWC Homemade Coleslaw or DWC Dill Potato Salad while reading in the sand, DWC has something for you and your partner to make your day in the water one to remember!


Hit the Farmer’s Market

Farmers markets are a summer staple for picking up quality, and oftentimes more affordable, produce, checking out local businesses and vendors, and supporting your community. While you can take your new pantry and fridge items out for a spin when you get home, you can also take a trip to your local DWC for lunch or dinner after your farmer’s market date! If you’re checking out local markets and looking for wings near White Lake or wings near Roseville, be sure to visit our teams at those DWC locations!

Summer date nights are the ones that make memories. Whether you’re heading to the beach, planning a day at the park, or visiting local farmer’s markets with your partner, DWC makes sure that you don’t have to worry about where you’re picking up lunch or dinner. With shareable sides, 20 signature sauces, all-natural, fresh products, and 20 locations across the state of Michigan, DWC is there to make sure your plans go off without a hitch!

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