Fun Facts About DWC You May Not Have Known About

Detroit Wing Company may be one of many local options, but there are numerous things that set DWC apart. While our dedication to quality above all else, employee support, and commitment to customer satisfaction is well-known, there is so much more to DWC than customers realize. Whether you are a DWC veteran or a brand new customer, here are five facts about DWC you may not have known about!


DWC Roadside

Currently located in Tampa, Florida, DWC Roadside is everything you love about our made-to-order wings and sauces from scratch – only it’s on the road! DWC Roadside recently launched and began its maiden voyage to Florida to soak up some sunshine and feed hungry beachgoers. Keep an eye out for its return to Michigan to take your DWC on the road!


Only the Best & Freshest

Detroit Wing Company upholds a commitment to serving a menu made almost entirely from scratch with fresh, high-quality ingredients. While many of our competitors are using ready-to-serve foods and bottled sauces, our sides and sauces are made in house from all-natural ingredients. DWC wings have been named “Best Wings in Michigan” by national media outlets and have earned awards from countless local news outlets, festivals, online polls, and reader submissions.


Plant-Based Alternatives

While DWC offers a multitude of plant-based side options, the introduction of the plant-based Pretendies created a revolutionary option for customers with plant-based diets who still wanted to enjoy our fresh, high-quality sauces. Pretendies, made free from GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, and cholesterol, are crafted to taste just like DWC’s original animal-based chicken tenders.


Beer Pairing List

DWC released a comprehensive beer pairing list providing a complementary brew to every sauce available, even focusing on many Michigan brews! Whether you’re joining us for happy hour with your work crew, sitting down for dinner with your friends, or planning what drinks you’ll serve with your catering order, DWC has the perfect combo for you!


Homemade Signature Sides

Here at DWC, our sides are made from the highest quality, freshest ingredients every day in-house for our customers. While there are some classic options, like DWC Fries, DWC Coleslaw, or DWC Dill Potato Salad, we also offer several fun alternatives to traditional wing sides. Whether you’re looking for a bit of Canada with our DWC Poutine or looking for something to split like our DWC Buffalo Chicken Dip, our homemade signature sides are the perfect way to complete your order.

While DWC seems like your typical wing joint, it’s anything but that! With the best and freshest ingredients and homemade sides, plant-based alternatives, a comprehensive beer pairing list, or the newly launched DWC Roadside, DWC has set ourselves apart from our competitors and created an environment that puts our customers first!

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