Why DWC Is A Great Place For A Summer Job

Summer jobs, for recent grads or entry level job seekers, are great for skill building and to experience different workplaces. After all, learning new skills and gaining new experiences is what summers are for when you are at school! At Detroit Wing Co., our culture of inclusivity, hard work, and ambition means anyone can learn a lot about being part of the restaurant business, learn valuable new skills, and have a lot of fun throughout the summer.

As one of the Detroit areas fastest growing and most exciting companies, working with Detroit Wing Co during the summer to help with Detroit catering or wings catering with the best brand in the space is invaluable experience.

We are proud to have been named “Best Wings in Michigan” by national media outlets like Buzzfeed, Esquire Magazine, Men’s Health, and MSNBC, along with countless local awards from local news outlets, festivals, online polls and reader submissions. Our team members have been a large part of making our success happen so far.


A Close-Knit, Family-Like Culture

We really take pride in our workplace culture, and are focused on creating a healthy, positive working environment for all of our employees. Large organizations tend to lose this closeness among team members, but DWC is committed to maintaining the local, small-business team mentality.

All of our team members have the opportunity to collaborate cross-functionally within the store, learn new skills, and create lasting relationships with their colleagues. These are skills that last a lifetime and are very valuable as you grow in your career.


Great Compensation and Benefits

We offer a multitude of employment benefits to all staff, including flexible scheduling, leadership opportunities, discounts, and free meals. Additionally, we also provide excellent compensation with the average DWC team member hourly pay at approximately $14.67, which is 22% above the national average.

With the cost of living on an ongoing rise, we understand how inflation and other price increases affects all of our wallets. We are dedicated to providing fair compensation and a close-knit team dynamic.


A Great Brand on Your Resume

Working at Detroit Wing Co. is great because of the name recognition on your resume! When future employers look at your resume and see that you worked at Detroit Wing Co., they might very well ask how it was because they are already a fan of our wings!

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